Tag After School

Tag After School

If you love to watch horror movies, then get ready to be part of one. The Tag After School is an Android horror game where you will be experiencing a vibe just like the horror movies. This game is surrounded by horrific visuals and dreadful characters. You have to get out of the horrible environment and go to a safe place. The ending can be different and depend on your performance in the game. You have to do your best to find a safe place to protect yourself. You will be playing the role of Shota-Kun.

In this Tag After School APK game, you will be playing the role of a schoolboy named Shota-Kun who is an innocent boy who mostly gets bullied by other boys in the school. Because of all this, he has lost his self-esteem and now he wants to get away from the school. But the problem here is the ghosts who are not letting the boy go away. You will have tasks like this where you have to search for items like torches, coins, and other stuff that might help you to get away.

You will be given tasks like this and as you will complete the initial levels, the tasks will be much more difficult. You need to collect the items which will be on the way to school. That might help you to get out of the horrible situation. You can use your powers to kill the ghosts and wipe them from your way. You can get this game on your Android device for free. To get the latest version of this game, download it and enjoy a more thrilling and horrifying game. You can also play School Dot Fight for similar fun.

Features of Tag After School APK:

In this thrilling game, you will be given lots of exciting features including the latest features and in-game items. You can get all these features for free of cost. To get information about the features, stay still with us till the end so that you will get to know about them well. Below is the description of all the latest features you can check out.

Exciting Gameplay:

The gameplay of this game is truly mesmerizing and addictive. You will surely play this game with your complete interest without getting fed up. Unlike other games, this has a very exciting gaming experience where you will never get bored.

In-Game Items:

To help you while completing the levels, you will be given lots of in-game items that include torches, light bulbs, fire, and coins. These will help you to get away from the ghosts easily. You can get these for free of cost.

Mysteries and Clues:

On the way out of school, you will come up with so many riddles and puzzles which will tell you the right way to go. You have to understand them and choose your way correctly.

Horrible Background:

The background of the game is always terrifying and horrific and gives the vibe of a real ghost area. You can also change it as per your wish but you have to only set such a background that will look like a ghost place.

Final Review:

Horror games are now on trend. Everyone loves to play them due to their horrifying storyline and thrilling levels. Tag After School Mod is also an Android horror game that offers levels that are more thrilling than your imagination. It also provides free-of-cost features which you can get once you enter into the game. You can easily download this game from our website by clicking on the download button and enjoy the latest features without paying any cost.


Who is the developer of Tag After School Game?

This latest video game is developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc.

Can we play Tag After School on PC?

Yes, you can play this game on your PC too.

Where can I get Tag After School APK Mod?

You can get it from iwantapk.com for free.

Additional Details

February 8, 2024