Chatting via online platforms has become so common nowadays. Whatsapp is an advanced app that is used by thousands of people but it lacks some of the features which users want. So to fulfill the requirements of users we have now come up with a highly developed app named Oatsab. This chatting app is so convenient and beneficial that you can openly chat with your loved ones without worrying about safety and security. Plus, it will fulfill all your desires which the official app lacks with its breathtaking look. The wide range of features will allow you to chat with your loved ones in any way you want.

A chat looks incomplete and boring without attractive emojis and stickers. If you also like to talk using emojis then the latest Oatsab APK will provide all those facilities to chat with others more strikingly. The profile picture of any account shows the identity of a person. Thus, this app has also focused on showing an upgraded profile of you to your friends. You can update your profile picture using lots of designs and looks. This will be shown at the top of the app whenever you open it.

The latest Oatsab Whatsapp allows you to make video calls with your friends and family. If you do not have any other way to stay in contact with others you can call them and talk face to face as you are with them. Other than that, it has a more advanced feature which allows you to do conference calls where you can invite lots of other friends of yours and talk in a group. This will feel like you all are at the same place and talking to each other as sitting together.

You can showcase your success, feelings, mood, or any occasion you have been at through the status updates in this Oatsab app. The status will remain for twenty-four hours. You can add emojis and stickers to your status and make it more appealing and attractive. All your chats, profiles, and statuses will be in a very safe place. Thus, you do not need to worry about your safety and security. You can also try Yolikers which is available on our website for free.

Features of Oatsab APK:

The latest features of this app have left all the chatting apps behind. It offers much more advanced features and looks which are free to use while chatting. Take a look at these features to get to know about this app better.

Status Upload:

To share your memories and daily life experiences with your friends and family, you can upload your status. This will assist you to stay connected to your loved ones.

Video Calls:

If you want to talk to others then do video calls through this app. You can talk to others like they are sitting with you.

Emojis and Stickers:

While chatting with others you can add emojis and stickers which will make your chat more appealing and attractive.

Conference Calls:

You can talk with your whole family at once by using this feature. You can add as many participants as you want to talk together in a single call.

Safe and Secure:

In this app, all your apps will be safe and pictures will be secure. It is a safe app where you can upload any of your photos without any worries.

Upload Profile:

For your identity, you can add a profile picture of yours which is totally free and completely safe to do.

Final Review:

In conclusion, the Oatsab APK app is a well-known chatting app that comes with various new and updated features that other chatting apps lack. Status uploading, safety, emojis, stickers, and profile updates are all exciting features. So don’t waste a single moment. Download it now and enjoy talking to your friends and family.


Is the Oatsab app free?

Yes, this latest chatting app is free to use.

Is it simple to use?

Yes, it can be used by anyone without any skill.

Is Oatsab safe to download on Android?

Yes, it is a safe application to use and download on your Android device.

Additional Details

March 8, 2024